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Annuities and Insurance

DPL offers our members access to a wide range of low-cost, Commission-Free annuities and the best-in-class insurance products from some of the nation's leading carriers.

Type Sort descending Carrier Name Rating DPL Insights
Registered Index Linked Annuity Allianz Index Advantage ADV® AA

Customizable downside protection via four different blendable strategies

Registered Index Linked Annuity Equitable Structured Capital Strategies PLUS® 21 A+

Surrender-free RILA with 9 indices

Registered Index Linked Annuity Jackson Market Link Pro Advisory II A

Surrender-free RILA providing 1, 3, and 6-year terms with floor and buffer options. State availability varies.

Registered Index Linked Annuity Allianz Index Advantage Income ADV℠ AA

Customizable growth opportunity and downside protection with guaranteed lifetime income

Registered Index Linked Annuity Equitable Structured Capital Strategies® Income A+

Offers a "dual crediting" strategy and an optional living benefit for income, while being fee-friendly 

Registered Index Linked Annuity MassMutual Ascend Index Achiever® Advisory A+

Surrender-free RILA for managing short-term volatility

Deferred Income Annuity Integrity Life IncomeSource® Select AA-

Deferred income product eligible for QLAC classification

Fixed Index Annuity Jackson MarketProtector Advisory® A

Surrender-free FIA

Fixed Index Annuity MassMutual Ascend Index Protector 4℠ A+

FIA with no market value adjustment

Fixed Index Annuity MassMutual Ascend Index Protector 5 MVA℠ A+

Surrender-free FIA with multiple participation rate strategies issued up to age 90

Fixed Index Annuity Pacific Life Pacific Index Advisory℠ AA-

FIA with optional enhanced death benefit

Fixed Index Annuity Midland National® Midland National Capital Income℠ A+

FIA with ability to double income payments for up to 5 years with health-related trigger

Fixed Index Annuity Midland National® IndexMax Adv℠ A+

Accumulation-focused FIA featuring a BlackRock ESG index

Fixed Index Annuity Corebridge Financial Power Index Advisory® A+

Fixed index annuity with two guaranteed lifetime withdrawal benefits

Fixed Index Annuity Pacific Life Pacific Advisory Fixed Indexed Annuity AA-

FIA with free withdrawals and customizable interest-earning options

Fixed Index Annuity Allianz Retirement Foundation ADV® AA

Provides an increasing income option for clients who anticipate a greater income need later in retirement

Fixed Index Annuity Security Benefit ClearLine A-

Provides access to exclusive Avantis Barclays VC Index. No surrender charge

Fixed Index Annuity MassMutual Ascend Index Protector 7℠ A+

8% guaranteed roll-up on living benefit value, and advisory fee does not impact benefit base

Multi-Year Guaranteed Annuity Midland National® Oak ADVantage℠ A+

MYGA with 3-, 5-, and 7-year durations, and a $50K minimum investment

Multi-Year Guaranteed Annuity Guaranty Income Life Insurance Company Guaranty Rate Lock™

MYGA with 3–10-year durations, and three rate bands based on premium

Multi-Year Guaranteed Annuity MassMutual Ascend Advantage 5℠ Advisory A+

MYGA with 5-year duration and $50K minimum investment

Multi-Year Guaranteed Annuity Pacific Life Pacific Harbor AA-

MYGA with 3- and 5-year duration and $25K minimum investment. No surrender, MVA only.

Multi-Year Guaranteed Annuity American Life Fee-Based MYGA

MYGA with 3- and 5-year duration and $10K minimum investment

Multi-Year Guaranteed Annuity Aspida Aspida Advisory MYGA

MYGA with multiple durations, including a 2 year option for shorter-term investment

Multi-Year Guaranteed Annuity Security Benefit Advanced Choice A-

Provides a 4-year guaranteed interest rate, with no surrender charge


Multi-Year Guaranteed Annuity Integrity Life MultiVantage® AA-

4, 5, 7, and 10 year MYGA with a 1% interest rate enhancement in the first year.

Single Premium Immediate Annuity Integrity Life IncomeSource® AA-

Issued up to age 95 with multiple annuitization options

Variable Annuity Equitable Investment Edge® 21 ADV A+

No M&E annuity offers optional investment segments with defined protection, and an exclusion ratio on withdrawals

Variable Annuity Ameritas Advisor No-Load VA A+

Offers Vanguard and DFA funds and includes ROP

Variable Annuity Jackson Perspective Advisory II® A

Several living and death benefit options with complete investor freedom

Variable Annuity Pacific Life Pacific Odyssey® AA-

ROP included in pricing, and living benefits can be added after issue

Variable Annuity Transamerica Variable Annuity I-Share II A+

Low-cost VA with an optional protected growth living benefit

Variable Annuity Pacific Life Pacific Advisory Variable Annuity AA-

Advisory fee-friendly annuity with a guaranteed minimum withdrawal benefit

Variable Annuity Jackson Retirement Investment Annuity A

Features investment freedom and a living benefit with pricing based on the phase of the policy

Variable Annuity Protective Protective Investors Benefit Advisory Variable Annuity AA

Allows advisory fee without impacting the living benefit value

Variable Annuity Lombard International Private Placement VA

Non-traditional investments within a tax-deferred account for the high-net-worth client

Variable Annuity TIAA The Intelligent Variable Annuity® AA+

Lowest-cost variable annuity on the market for accounts over $500K, includes Vanguard and DFA funds

Variable Annuity Security Benefit EliteDesigns® A-

Exclusion ratio applied on withdrawals without annuitization

Fixed Annuity Corebridge Financial Assured Edge® Advisory A+

7-year fixed annuity with a GLWB

Type Summary
Variable Universal Life Insurance

Variable Universal Life is a permanent life insurance policy where the cash value is invested in funds or fixed accounts providing opportunity for growth. Its structure allows for flexible premium payments and an adjustable death benefit, which can be impacted by the investment performance of the cash value.

Solves for Legacy Planning, Life Insurance, Retirement Income, Wealth Accumulation
Disability Income Insurance

Disability Income (DI) Insurance is purchased to protect clients against loss of income from an unexpected injury or illness. An individual DI insurance policy pays a monthly benefit that replaces a portion of their income in the event of a disability.

Solves for Income Replacement
Term Life Insurance

Term life insurance offers an affordable means of securing protection for a specified period of time. While term life insurance does not build cash value like whole life insurance, it comes at a reduced cost with less stringent underwriting requirements, making it more cost-effective and accessible.

Solves for Life Insurance, Legacy Planning
Long Term Care Insurance

Long term care insurance provides funds for care when it’s needed, protecting income for a surviving spouse and substantially reducing the loss of value in the estate due to long term care (LTC) costs. Traditional and hybrid options are available.

Solves for Life Insurance

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