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The Stone Age didn’t end because we ran out of stones.

It ended because someone came up with a better idea.

It ended because someone came up with a better idea.

Better value for clients

By eliminating expensive commissions, we put the savings back into the products.

Lower product costs

We change the math on the value proposition for insurance by lowering costs and adding benefits.

The power of partnership

We work as the RIA's strategic partner to bring the benefits of insurance to your clients & practice.

How DPL Brings Value to Financial Advisors and Their Clients

Vice President of Member Success, Tim Rembowski, explains how the team brings value to financial advisors and retirees to ensure their success from improving plans to positive business outcomes. 


When pioneering Jefferson National’s strategy to create a value-centric variable annuity to be distributed through RIAs and fee-only advisors, people thought that was crazy – RIAs hate annuities. But we firmly believed—and still believe—it’s not annuities RIAs dislike and mistrust. It’s what they’ve become: complex, opaque and expensive products that benefit the people who sell them more than those who buy them.

When I set out to build DPL Financial Partners, my vision was clear: Take what I’d built at Jefferson National and expand it beyond proprietary products to offer best-in-class products from top carriers. - David Lau

After consulting for many of the nation’s leading carriers, we’ve assembled a powerful line-up of insurance products we believe can deliver significantly greater value and performance to RIAs and their clients.

In these times of fee-compression and client demand for increased services, our goal at DPL is to work with RIAs as a strategic partner. Our team supports your team to bring the benefits of low-cost annuities and life insurance to your clients by leveraging our experience building and utilizing Commission-Free products.

At DPL, our focus is helping you find the solutions that best meet your clients' needs. If we don’t have the best product, we’ll refer you to someone who does.