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Right-priced solutions for your clients

Your clients have needs that right-priced insurance products can fulfill. We believe the low-cost, Commission-Free solutions available through DPL may be exactly what you’re looking for.

Needs & Solutions

We work with leading carriers to offer best-in-class, value-focused annuities and life insurance products that can help your clients achieve their financial goals before and in retirement.

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Retirement Income
Principal Protection
Annuity Rescue+
Legacy Planning
Wealth Accumulation
Retirement Income
Enhance Your Client’s Retirement Income

Clients want income they can count on when they retire. Numerous academic studies demonstrate that annuities are a more efficient means of generating retirement income than traditional portfolios. DPL offers a range of Commission-Free solutions designed to provide clients with a guaranteed income stream they can't outlive.

How DPL helps RIAs address clients’ two biggest concerns

DPL Senior Consultant Sam Johnson explains how DPL can help advisors address two of their biggest concerns: market volatility and outliving their money.

MC Ray
Solving for Sequence of Returns Risk

Clients and advisors alike are concerned about sequence of returns risk. DPL’s Commission-Free annuities with 100% downside protection effectively help mitigate this risk for clients, giving them peace of mind knowing their assets are protected, and providing advisors with a tool to solve for an important need for clients nearing or in retirement.

Solving for Sequence of Returns Risk

DPL Consultant Kameron McRay discusses how market fluctuations can impact when and how a client retires and why advisors need to consider sequence of returns risk in the financial planning process.

C Williams
DPL Delivers Value with Annuity Rescue+

Legacy annuities can be a difficult challenge for advisors who haven’t worked with insurance. DPL consultants review clients’ annuity policies to determine if the product is still a good fit or a low-cost alternative can deliver more value. In the process, we often are able to bring additional benefits to the financial plan through Commission-Free solutions.  

Annuity Rescue+

DPL Senior Consultant Cody Williams explains how DPL helps advisors bring additional value to clients by rescuing legacy annuities.

J Mazur
Address Legacy Concerns

Clients often worry about not only outliving their money, but having enough to leave to their loved ones after they’re gone. Commission-Free annuities and life insurance can grow wealth and reduce costs so there is something left for heirs.

Real World Case Study: Reducing Premiums with Commission-Free Life Insurance

DPL Consultant Jason Mazur talks about helping a member find a lower cost solution to meet their life insurance needs.

J Mazur
Wealth Accumulation

Taxes play a huge role in your clients’ accumulation of assets, and can affect how and when they retire. High income earners who quickly max out 401ks and IRAs can greatly benefit from additional tax deferral that can be had through low cost annuities.  DPL's Commission-Free annuities enable clients to take advantage of tax deferral during their accumulation phase, allowing for more efficient asset growth.

How Commission-Free Solutions Address Challenges to Wealth Accumulation

DPL Consultant Jason Mazur explains how Commission-Free annuities can help advisors and clients take advantage of low-cost tax deferral during the accumulation phase.

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