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Annuity Rescue+

It’s likely that many of your clients already own at least one annuity. So, what do you do? DPL works with our members to analyze clients’ existing annuity policies to determine if there is a more cost-effective alternative. Commission-Free annuities can be leveraged to add value beyond cost savings. We can show you how.

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Reasons to consider a tax-free exchange
Get your client out of expensive commissioned products

Whether it's simply maximizing fee savings or providing efficient income or principal protection, DPL's annuity solutions are designed to deliver value to your client.  

More efficiently provide clients with benefits they want

Clients often buy annuities because they want the peace of mind of guaranteed income. Provide the income stream they need through a Commission-Free product.

Bring a policy under your fiduciary control & management

Manage your clients' assets, eliminate a competitive relationship with another advisor, enhance your clients' financial plans and potentially grow AUM.

Annuity Rescue+ Products

Type Summary
Fixed Index Annuity

Fixed index annuities are tax-deferred insurance products that provide market upside, while protecting principal from market losses. Assets are allocated into indices that are designed to replicate market performance. These fixed index annuity indices are typically accompanied with cap rates, spreads, or participation rates.

Variable Annuity

Variable annuities are tax-deferred insurance contracts with an underlying value that fluctuates based on the performance of the underlying investments. These products often offer insurance benefits such as guaranteed income or a death benefit. The ability to annuitize assets into a guaranteed lifetime income stream is the fundamental feature that qualifies a...

How DPL Helps Advisors Find Value in Clients’ Existing Annuity Policies

DPL Consultants know what to look for in an annuity policy to determine if your client is getting the best value and the best fit to meet their needs. If not, we are often able to find a product that better meets the goals of the client’s financial plan.

Annuity Rescue+

DPL Senior Consultant Cody Williams explains how DPL helps advisors bring additional value to clients by rescuing legacy annuities.

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We already have a provider for annuity rescue, what advantage does DPL bring?

The core premise of annuity rescue is to reduce product cost when possible. DPL takes that premise further by looking to not only reduce cost, but also meet other client needs. DPL consultants discuss client scenarios with advisors to provide different solutions that can improve clients' financial plans. Clients often want low-cost guaranteed income, tax efficient withdrawal strategies and/or principal protection, and DPL can provide these solutions.

My firm doesn’t address annuities clients already own, why should we?

Clients can often save thousands of dollars in product fees when it makes sense to move from a commissioned insurance product to a low-cost, commission-free product. In addition to providing potentially improved financial outcomes to your clients, offering insurance solutions as part of a holistic financial planning process enables you to expand services, potentially attract new clients and increase AUM.

My client owns a variable annuity, if they exchange it, do they need to get another VA?

No. A 1035 exchange can be used to move from a variable annuity into any other type of annuity. Your DPL consultant can work with you to find the product that best fits with the needs of your client’s financial plan.

Does DPL perform analysis of annuities my clients already own?

One of the services we provide to our members is the evaluation of clients' existing annuity policies to determine if it is possible to leverage current benefits to help meet the goals of the financial plan, or, if it makes sense to use the policy to fund a no-load annuity that may be able to achieve client goals more efficiently.


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