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Accelerate your move to independence with DPL

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Introducing DPL's Breakaway Accelerator Program

Introducing DPL's Breakaway Accelerator Program


Seamlessly transition your book of annuities


Retain control of assets and the client relationship


Deliver better products while growing AUM 

Breakaway Accelerator Program

Vice President of Member Success, Tim Rembowski, explains the benefits of DPL's Breakaway Accelerator Program, and how advisors are using it to transition their books of annuities.  

How we support breakaway advisors

Whether you’re breaking away or recruiting breakaways in transition, DPL’s Breakaway Accelerator Program is a turnkey solution to proactively transition annuity assets to a fee-based advisory model.

With the Breakaway Accelerator Program, advisors can:

  • End the broker-dealer relationship and drop FINRA licenses
  • Manage annuity assets in a fiduciary capacity
  • Retain control of the client relationship and experience
  • Transition clients’ annuity assets to modern, fee-based solutions with improved benefits, as appropriate
  • Build AUM and recurring revenue with existing clients and assets

How it works:

  • DPL analyzes your clients’ current annuities and identifies opportunities for improvement through an exchange to a fee-based annuity, if suitable.
  • For accounts not eligible for an exchange, DPL Financial Partners is named the Agent of Record so you can retain control of the client relationship and experience.
  • As policies come out of surrender, DPL helps you transfer these assets to a suitable advisory annuity under your fiduciary management.

To learn more about how the Breakaway Accelerator Program can help your firm attract breakaways or help you complete your transition to independence, contact a DPL Consultant.


Common Questions

What can DPL do for policies that can't be exchanged?

DPL will monitor policies that are in surrender or underwater, periodically evaluating whether they can be improved through a 1035 exchange to a fee-based solution. 

Can DPL help determine which policies to transition?

Yes! Our consultants will review your current book of business to determine which policies make sense to transition, providing recommendations to reduce overall product costs while improving benefits for your client.

When should I talk to DPL about transitioning?

As soon as possible. Transitioning to a new business model often takes longer than anticipated, and our consultants help ensure the annuity and insurance aspects of your transition are addressed while you focus on other items.

Get Started

To learn more about how we work with breakaway advisors, set up a 15-minute call with a DPL Consultant.