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Products Overview

DPL offers our members access to a wide range of low-cost, Commission-Free annuities and life insurance products from some of the nations top carriers.

Annuities are perhaps the only way to mitigate longevity risk, but they also are a more efficient means of generating retirement income. Annuities can quickly outperform fixed income in generating retirement income, and provide payouts long after fixed income portfolios would be depleted.

Type Summary
Registered Index Linked Annuity

Registered Index Linked Annuities (also known as Structured Variable Annuities or Buffer Annuities) are tax-deferred insurance vehicles that provide upside potential with a defined degree of downside protection. The investor assumes the portion of the market risk that is in excess of the "buffer" or the initial losses before reaching the...

Solves for Principal Protection, Retirement Income
Deferred Income Annuity

A deferred income annuity is a contract funded with a lump-sum payment (premium) in exchange for guaranteed income payments at a future date. Also known as a longevity annuity because of qualified longevity annuity contract (QLAC) eligibility, a deferred income annuity can serve as a pension-like income stream for investors without a defined benefit plan through their...

Solves for Retirement Income
Fixed Index Annuity

Fixed index annuities are tax-deferred insurance products that provide market upside, while protecting principal from market losses. Assets are allocated into indices that are designed to replicate market performance. These fixed index annuity indices are typically accompanied with cap rates, spreads, or participation rates.

Solves for Retirement Income, Principal Protection, Annuity Rescue+
Multi-Year Guaranteed Annuity

Multi-year guaranteed annuities (MYGAs) offer a tax-deferred guaranteed rate of return for the duration of the product. These simple, short-duration annuities are often used by advisors for fixed income allocations.

Solves for Retirement Income, Principal Protection, Tax Deferral
Single Premium Immediate Annuity

A single premium immediate annuity is a contract funded with a single lump-sum payment (premium) in exchange for guaranteed income payments. Designed to supplement retirement income, a single premium immediate annuity insures the purchaser against outliving their money or exhausting it within a certain timeframe. A single premium immediate annuity...

Solves for Retirement Income
Variable Annuity

Variable annuities are tax-deferred insurance contracts with an underlying value that fluctuates based on the performance of the underlying investments. These products often offer insurance benefits such as guaranteed income or a death benefit. The ability to annuitize assets into a guaranteed lifetime income stream is the fundamental feature that qualifies a...

Solves for Tax Deferral, Annuity Rescue+, Legacy Planning, Retirement Income, Wealth Accumulation
Fixed Annuity

Fixed annuities are simplified products, offering a tax-deferred guaranteed fixed rate of return for a specified period.

Solves for Retirement Income, Principal Protection, Tax Deferral

Traditionally used as a means of income replacement, insurance provides powerful possibilities with effective implementation. Through AIM, Advent clients can now incorporate insurance as part of their clients' holistic financial plans, allowing additional tax deferral, tax-free income, and wealth transfer efficiency for individuals, and new solutions for sophisticated business scenarios.

Type Summary
Variable Universal Life Insurance

Variable Universal Life is a permanent life insurance policy where the cash value is invested in funds or fixed accounts providing opportunity for growth. Its structure allows for flexible premium payments and an adjustable death benefit, which can be impacted by the investment performance of the cash value. Because of its variable...

Solves for Legacy Planning, Life Insurance, Retirement Income, Wealth Accumulation
Disability Income Insurance

Disability Income (DI) Insurance is purchased to protect clients against loss of income from an unexpected injury or illness. An individual DI insurance policy pays a monthly benefit that replaces a portion of their income in the event of a disability, so your clients can take comfort in knowing their current lifestyle...

Solves for Income Replacement
Term Life Insurance

Term life insurance offers an affordable means of securing protection for a specified period of time. While term life insurance does not build cash value like whole life insurance, it comes at a reduced cost with less stringent underwriting requirements, making it more cost-effective and accessible.

Solves for Life Insurance, Legacy Planning

 Annuities and insurance can be used to solve for a number of client needs in the financial plan.  DPL's team can help you find the right product for your client's need and assists you to model it in your planning software.

Retirement Income

Income Replacement

    Your clients protect their lives, their homes, and their vehicles through insurance, while often overlooking their most important asset—their ability to earn income. Commission-Free disability insurance can help replace income in the event of an unexpected injury or illness, without jeopardizing the financial plan.

  • Disability Income Insurance

Life Insurance

    Life insurance represents a crucial part of the a financial plan, providing benefits for both legacy planning and wealth accumulation purposes. With Commission-Free life insurance, RIAs no longer need to outsource this portion of the plan, and can now deliver benefits to complement their clients' holistic financial plans.

  • Term Life Insurance
  • Variable Universal Life Insurance

Principal Protection

Annuity Rescue+

    It’s likely that many of your clients already own at least one annuity. Commission-Free annuities can be leveraged to add value beyond just cost savings. DPL works with our members to analyze clients’ existing annuity policies to determine if there is a more cost-effective alternative or additional benefits a no-load solution can bring to the financial plan.

  • Fixed Index Annuity
  • Variable Annuity

Legacy Planning

Wealth Accumulation

    Permanent life insurance policies, once the commission is eliminated, provide benefits which can be powerful for wealth accumulation. Without a hefty commission being removed from premiums, client assets grow and can be withdrawn tax free.

  • Variable Annuity
  • Variable Universal Life Insurance

Tax Deferral

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