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Legacy Planning

For many clients leaving a legacy to heirs is a high priority in their financial plan. There is no more certain way to accomplish this goal than through insurance.

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Permanent life insurance ensures your client's legacy
Evaluating existing life insurance

Life insurance premiums can get expensive as your clients age but continuing the payments to maintain the death benefit can result in a greater legacy than could be achieved through investing those assets.

Permanent Life Insurance

Permanent life insurance can be a great estate planning tool for your client to leave a legacy, pay estate taxes or fund a trust.

The benefit of Commission-Free insurance

With Commission-Free permanent life insurance, commissions aren’t taken out of your clients’ premiums, so the value of the policy can grow more quickly.

Legacy Planning Products

Type Summary
Variable Universal Life Insurance

Variable Universal Life is a permanent life insurance policy where the cash value is invested in funds or fixed accounts providing opportunity for growth. Its structure allows for flexible premium payments and an adjustable death benefit, which can be impacted by the investment performance of the cash value. Because of its variable...

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Term Life Insurance

Term life insurance offers an affordable means of securing protection for a specified period of time. While term life insurance does not build cash value like whole life insurance, it comes at a reduced cost with less stringent underwriting requirements, making it more cost-effective and accessible.

Solves for Life Insurance, Legacy Planning
Type Summary
Variable Annuity

Variable annuities are tax-deferred insurance contracts with an underlying value that fluctuates based on the performance of the underlying investments. These products often offer insurance benefits such as guaranteed income or a death benefit. The ability to annuitize assets into a guaranteed lifetime income stream is the fundamental feature that qualifies a...

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Why would I use an annuity for tax deferred investing?

Ordinarily, you would not, as commission-based annuities cost too much and effectively nullify that value of tax deferral. However, low-cost, commission-free annuities are priced to enable clients to reap the value of tax deferral. For high income earners that max out their 401(k)s and IRAs, the value of tax deferral can add between 100bps and 200bps in yield to their portfolio.

What are the benefits of Commission-Free permanent life insurance?

For most permanent life insurance policies, the agent’s commission is removed from the client’s premium – often 40%-80% of the premium – leaving a fraction of the client’s premium to fund the policy. When those commissions are eliminated, your clients often find they can fund a death benefit for less premium or buy more coverage with the same premium.

How can annuities improve legacies?

The basic premise is that by using an annuity to efficiently fund retirement income, more assets are available to be invested in equities to grow legacy assets. Clients with longer life expectancies will benefit most as they generate income from their annuities even after their cash balances have been exhausted.