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Modern Solutions for Long-Term Care Planning


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Having an effective long-term care plan can protect clients from life-changing financial, emotional, and physical consequences caused by a long-term health event. The Alliance for Lifetime Income recently reported 53% of retirees say one of the three reasons they retired were circumstances beyond their control, such as health-related concerns. Early or forced retirement can have a huge impact on the financial security of your clients.

Our session will explore modern long-term care planning strategies, how your clients can benefit from protection and tax-free retirement income, and ways you can implement these solutions in your holistic practice.

Join us today to learn:

  • How to evaluate traditional and hybrid long-term care policies and develop a clearer understanding of coverage options.
  • How to identify potential funding sources in your clients’ portfolios.
  • How to engage in a productive conversation with clients while focusing on education and awareness surrounding on long-term care.

Modern Solutions for Long-Term Care Planning