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Going Independent

DPL Financial Partners
August 24, 2020

Where are you on your break-away journey?

We recognize advisors who are breaking away from a wirehouse or broker-dealer face unique challenges; incorporating Commission-Free insurance and annuity solutions in their new practice shouldn’t be one of them. Whether you’re in the early phases of transition or actively building your new business, DPL’s turnkey insurance management platform can help.

Why DPL?

Founded in 2014, DPL Financial Partners has built a robust marketplace of Commission-Free annuities and insurance for fiduciary advisors. We work with carriers committed to the RIA space, improving their existing products and introducing new ones that deliver greater client value. DPL enables breakaway advisors to continue implementing insurance solutions without compromising fiduciary obligations.

For advisors transitioning:

  • Manage asset retention

  • Prevent orphan accounts at your former broker-dealer

  • Begin building AUM for your new business

  • Optimize current accounts

For advisors already there:

  • Recover insurance and annuity accounts

  • Remove former broker-dealer from equation

  • Prevent potential loss of clients

  • Implement Commission-Free solutions within your new advisory practice


“DPL has an interesting utility that allows breakaways to layoff one of the assumptions they may have made initially — that they have to be a registered rep or even insurance rep solely to make sure that the right product gets in front of their clients.” — Brian Hamburger, MarketCounsel


Case Study

PROFILE: Chicory Wealth, Fee-Only RIA with an AUM of $100 - $250M

PROBLEM: Transitioned from a commission-focused practice with a broker-dealer to a fee-only RIA, and needed help finding solutions that provided value and transparency to replace commission-based products.

SOLUTION: Working with DPL Consultant, Ross McGoodwin, Chicory Wealth discovered which of their current products were available as fee-only versions. They were able to reduce client costs and deliver efficient income solutions by leveraging Commission-Free insurance and annuities as part of their holistic financial planning process.

Our Process

  • Understand your needs, goals and timeline to custom-tailor our approach to your unique situation
  • Evaluate existing annuities and insurance policies to identify opportunities for migration, as appropriate
  • Develop a plan for transitioning policies when an economic benefit can be shown to the client (~70% of policies)
  • Leverage external resources when necessary, including MarketCounsel, our carrier partners, and academic research

Our Commission-Free Solutions