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Lighthouse Life

Commitment to RIAs

Lighthouse Life's mission is to provide value to life insurance policyowners through life settlements. We are committed to making life settlements accepted and accessible to American seniors and their families because life settlements provide life-changing resources to seniors and their families.

Lighthouse Life works with financial professionals to help their clients get the best return for their life insurance policies. Lighthouse Life helps advisors understand the benefits of life settlements and to easily integrate life settlements into their practices.  

Lighthouse Life is focused on educating and assisting financial professionals about the value that life settlements provide to life insurance policyowners and their families. 

Lighthouse Life offers a unique, fast and easy approach focused on value, efficiency, and transparency that is uniquely aligned with the fiduciary standards within the RIA community.

Life Settlement Referral and Appraisal Process

Financial professionals in partnership with their DPL Consultants refer qualified senior policyowners to Lighthouse Life through our Advisor Portal.  Lighthouse Life takes it from there – helping policyowners through a fast and free appraisal of their life insurance policies.  

Lighthouse Life ensures that each policyowner receives the highest quality of care and communications.  Offers are made within 5 days of completing a telephone health interview and receipt of an in-force illustration of the policy’s future premiums.  

If an offer is accepted, we work to complete the transaction and get the life settlement proceeds to the policyowner as fast as possible. Most transactions are completed within 60 days


More about Lighthouse Life

We're proud to support DPL in assisting RIAs in their efforts as fiduciaries for all their clients' assets, including life insurance policies.

Mike Coben
Chief Distribution & Business Development Officer, Lighthouse Life

Where other programs require lengthy reports and information, Lighthouse can get us an offer in a matter of days, making it easier on the client by saving them time.

Tim Rembowski
Distribution Team Lead, DPL Financial Partners

Lighthouse Life provides an innovative approach to life settlements with fast turn-around in competitive offers through a simplified underwriting process.

David Lau
Founder and CEO, DPL Financial Partners