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WealthTech on Deck: Driving Disruption in the Insurance Industry with David Lau

BY David Lau
May 02, 2023

Comfort is the enemy of progress, especially in business. Adapting to new models and driving change is frightening, due to fear and risk of failure. Some industries are better than others at embracing disruption, but the insurance industry often needs to catch up. When systems are working well enough, not everyone sees value in taking a different approach. Change may be uneasy, but it also brings the possibility to improve, grow, and advance. This week, Jack talks with David Lau, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of DPL Financial Partners about disrupting the insurance industry. David has been an innovator for every business he has built, with extensive experience dating back to his role as the Chief Marketing Officer of E*Trade Bank, and its predecessor TeleBank. David has been at the forefront of developing products, platforms, and distribution systems that allow RIAs to implement commission-free annuities into their clients’ portfolios. In this episode, David talks to Jack about how DPL drives change in the insurance industry by offering commission-free annuities. They discuss how annuities can enhance outcomes, which mistakes financial advisors should avoid with their clients, and where David sees the industry going.