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Advisor Revelations: How Black Diamond Advisors Leverage the Advent Insurance Marketplace Powered by DPL

BY Colin Day
December 13, 2022

The continuous advancement of digital capabilities has allowed the development of technology platforms and sophisticated financial planning tools. These tools have enabled fiduciaries to provide a higher level of service to their clients by simplifying the processes involved in creating a custom financial plan.

In this episode, Ross talks with Colin Day, Financial Advisor at Correct Capital Wealth Management. Colin brings over a decade of experience in financial services to Correct Capital. To him, financial planning is more than just making sure you can retire one day; it's the process of identifying your short-term and long-term goals and taking advantage of every opportunity to meet them.

Colin talks with Ross about how Correct Capital implements the SS&C Advent Insurance Marketplace Powered by DPL into their financial planning process. He also shares how this tool helps clients stay connected to their plans, create holistic retirement plans, and move clients into better price solutions and strategies for fixed-income alternatives and principal protection.


Key Takeaways

  • [01:40] - An overview of Correct Capital and how it serves its clients.

  • [03:36] - How Correct Capital's partnership with DPL impacts the organization.

  • [06:41] - The solution that stood out on both income and protection.

  • [14:13] - Colin's experience with Black Diamond Advisory.

  • [17:25] - How Correct Capital benefits from using the Black Diamond platform.

  • [20:23] - Some of the tools Correct Capital uses to help investors.

  • [24:47] - A new solution Colin didn't expect is available for RIAs.

  • [26:30] - The other benefits of working side-by-side with Black Diamond.




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