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Modern Annuities: Low-Cost, Value-Driven, Commission-Free

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Annuities can deliver powerful benefits before and during your retirement.

Efficient Income

Annuities can generate income 40%* more efficiently than bonds.

Peace of Mind

Annuities act as a personal pension, guaranteeing income payments for life.

Asset Protection

Annuities can protect assets from market volatility and other risks to income.

David Lau's Perspective: The Story of My Father

Retirees' emotional attitudes towards their retirement nest eggs are just as important as the actual dollars and cents.  Founder and CEO of DPL Financial Partners, David Lau, tells the story of his father's retirement worries and the peace of mind that enabled him to finally retire with an annuity.

Time for a New Plan "A"

It used to be that a portfolio of stocks and bonds could deliver a safe retirement.  Not anymore.  

  • Retirements are expanding and can last 30+ years
  • Bond returns may not be sufficient to fund retirement spending
  • Portfolio diversification isn't enough to manage risk

Today, a new Plan A is emerging for a secure retirement — stocks and annuities.

Discover modern annuities 

Conventional annuities come with hefty sales commissions built into the products.  Commissions that drive up your costs and reduce benefits. Modern annuities are commission-free—without sales commissions—providing you with lower costs, better benefits and a buying experience you control. 

  • Annuities provide income you can’t outlive
  • Annuities help mitigate the risk caused by volatile markets
  • Annuities can meet an income need for less money than bonds*

About DPL Financial Partners

Founded in 2014, DPL believes consumers need access to low-cost, commission-free annuities and the powerful benefits they can bring to your financial plan before and during retirement. 

We work with leading insurance carriers to offer a range of curated, low-cost annuities – all built without commissions.  The savings are put back into the products to provide you with greater choice, value, transparency and flexibility than traditional, commission-driven annuities.

Carriers we work with include:

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It costs about 40% less* to generate income with an annuity than with a bond.

See what a commission-free annuity can do for you.

Find a Financial Advisor

As the leader in commission-free annuities, consumers reach out to us for help using annuities and insurance to strengthen their financial plans. Often, they need full-spectrum financial advisory services as well. We can connect you with a fiduciary advisor.

Get Started

To learn more about low-cost, Commission-Free solutions call us at 1-877-625-5544 and speak to a DPL consultant.

Guarantees are based on the financial strength of the issuing company. An investor should carefully consider the investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses of the investment before investing or sending money.
Not a deposit | Not FDIC or NCUSIF insured | Not guaranteed by the institution | Not insured by any federal government agency | May lose value
*How Retirement Planning Needs to Change in 2021 – David Blanchett, Michael Finke, David Lau, Wade Pfau, January 9, 2021, MarketWatch