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Discover Modern Annuities

Low-Cost | Value-Driven | Commission-Free

Evaluate Annuity Options

Compare current annuities to Commission-Free options to determine whether pricing and benefits can be improved.

Explore Income Solutions

See how Commission-Free annuities can generate income more efficiently than fixed income using our Guaranteed Income Analysis tool. 

Compare Annuities to Fixed Income

See how the income generated by Commission-Free annuities compares to the income generated by an investment strategy without an annuity.

Everything you need to start using insurance in your practice

Insurance offers meaningful benefits clients want and need, like guaranteed income, principal protection and tax deferral. DPL works with RIAs to help them incorporate Commission-Free annuities and best available insurance into their practices to differentiate their offering, deliver better client outcomes and grow AUM. 

Retain control

Stop sending clients down the road to an insurance salesperson. Bring insurance under your fiduciary umbrella and ensure your clients are presented only with products you approve.

Provide solutions

Meet increasing client demand for broader services. Deliver comprehensive financial planning that includes Commission-Free annuities and life insurance, and a more complete client experience.

Grow your business

Increase AUM by retaining or attracting insurance business. With all the benefits Commission-Free insurance can bring to your clients and practice, it doesn’t make sense not to expand into insurance.

We don’t see this trend towards fee-only ending anytime soon, so, as we continue to grow our business, having a partner like DPL becomes even more critical.

Russ Reinhart
Wealthcare Capital Management

When you look at the probability of a financial plan’s success with and without an annuity, it can be like night and day. 

Shannon Stone
Parallel Advisors

Commission-Free annuities change what was a product into a tool... There's no conflict of interest and there's no difference in our compensation model.

Vern Cushenberry
Two West Capital Advisors