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How to Create an Insurance “Hub” with DPL


How to Create an Insurance “Hub” with DPL

Dan Rohlfing

CFP and Senior Client Advisor
Lantz Financial Team
AUM: $500M+
Firm Type: Hybrid

Dan Rohlfing, Senior Financial Advisor at The Lantz Financial Team, was searching for ways to offset the tax effects of recent legislation; what he discovered was a new way to do business and enhance his planning strategies with DPL Financial Partners. Dan shares how his firm is using technology, the solutions they’re using in today’s environment and why incorporating insurance products is crucial for clients.


A Fiduciary Resource for Insurance

Advisor Dan Rohlfing initially discovered DPL during his research on the SECURE Act and its potential impact on his clients’ estate plans. Dan was looking for a low-cost solution to address the 2020 legislations’ tax ramifications when he came across a DPL webinar on the subject. “The more I looked into it, the more I saw that the real value (of DPL) was not just in insurance, but in this low cost, fee-only annuity side,” says Dan. “Having a fee-only annuity suite really started to appeal to our team”


A New Solution - Multi-Year Guaranteed Annuity

As Dan and his team learned more about DPL and Commission-Free solutions, Dan discovered annuities— specifically the Multi-Year Guaranteed Annuity (MYGA)—could help him generate better interest rates than CDs for his clients.


The Numbers Don’t Lie - Annuities Grow Income

For Dan, digging into the numbers is critical, as it is for most advisor, when comparing a new solution to current strategies. Having utilized annuities before the 2008 financial crisis, Dan also began to see the value in Commission-Free versions of those same product types. “We can match the income stream after tax, or even grow the income, while most of the old annuities we have provide flat income.”

After considerable modeling in MoneyGuidePro and customized client spreadsheets, the results were clear: these Commission-Free annuities could help Dan reduce current contract costs while providing clients similar or better income, and even introduce other benefits within the financial plan.


Tying it Together with Technology

Using MoneyGuidePro, Lantz Financial is able to show clients the impact of an annuity on their income, and help them understand that no matter what happens in the market, they’ve got the income portion of the portfolio under control throughout their retirement.

For asset management, Lantz Financial uses Black Diamond, with whom DPL has partnered to introduce the Advent Insurance Marketplace Powered by DPL. Dan views the evolving integrations available through the DPL / Black Diamond partnership with excitement, sharing that “From a business standpoint, (these integrations) helps us too, because when we can streamline things while delivering a better benefit to the client, we can do more as a business.”

“I’m excited about continuing with the idea that DPL can become my hub for annuity needs,” Dan says. “DPL is helping our firm be as efficient as possible for our clients as we use these products in their financial plan.”


Contact DPL to learn more about how we can work with you to deliver better outcomes for your clients and your firm with Commission-Free insurance and annuity solutions. 888-327-0049


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